We have been building websites since 1996. We do all types of websites, from 3 or 4 static pages to 300 page database driven websites with reporting and data integration. We also do small projects to very large projects. They have ranged in price from $1000 to $150,000.

We build websites /  web applications that are both databased or static, using a RAD, Rapid Application Development, process. Because of our approach we can build websites quickly. We have built as many a 40 pages in 2 weeks. These were fully functioning and designed web pages accessing a database.

Our code is very readable and understandable. We do not reinvent the wheel when building a web application. If the toolboxes we use do the job we use them. Because of the built in toolboxes we have taken a 8 hour job to less than 5 minutes, benefitting us and our clients.

We use ASP.NET and Microsoft’s SQL Server and CSS as our development tools. We use SQL Server Reporting Services, SSRS, for generating and creating reports. We also use SQL Server Integration Services, SSIS, to move large amounts of data as needed.

Our mission is to benefit all people and all companies small or large. Eliminate the 20 man team building requirements that cut out the small company or individual that needs a web application.